We tailor each project to your organization’s business needs and goals, so first and foremost, we take time to talk with each organization stakeholder to understand how our project can make the most impact on the organization’s bottom line.


Once we understand your organization’s needs, we decide on which research method(s) make the most sense for our project. We develop research collateral—this could be anything from a series of activities for a co-design session that involves target users in the design process to a discussion guide for in-home interviews with current users of your product or service. But regardless of the research method we employ, it always starts with a plan.


Whether they are already users of your product or target users who could benefit from your product, we take time to recruit users for the research project. Depending on the recruit, we may partner with a recruiting firm to get you the best possible recruit that matches your criteria.


Listening to and learning from users makes our world go round. No matter which research method we’re deploying here, we relish in understanding users’ worldviews, contextual environments, and goals. We are curious, empathetic, and compassionate—and we love to listen. Wherever possible, we include organization stakeholders in this phase so they can experience users’ stories, experiences, and behaviors first-hand.


After we finish interacting with users, we take a step back and synthesize meaningful patterns, quotes, and stories that relate to initial business goals and research questions. 


After talking with user and synthesizing insights, I design deliverables for our project. If we are working on a content design project, the deliverable could include content for your web site, app, and/or marketing platforms. If we are working on a user experience research project, those deliverables could include artifacts like a journey map, an insight one-pager, or a set of personas.


Using the results of our synthesis, we produce deliverables that tell impactful stories and develop strategies for implementing these insights into the product.

*We actively engage organization stakeholders and encourage them to participate throughout the process in order to take a deepdive into The users' world.

*Timelines can vary based on your project goals. We are capable of completing projects anywhere from a week to several months or more.