Here are examples of my content design projects that I've led.

Health + Wellness app

I wrote over 200 insights that were backed by the latest health and wellness research and generated for Addapp app users based on their aggregated health and fitness app and wearable data. I also wrote and edited copy for the Addapp marketing site, blog, and e-mail newsletter.

web sites for teen girls

For Heart of Gold, a web site for teen girls interested in entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and social activism (and now rebranded as Like a Boss Girls), I served as Special Projects Editor in 2013 and 2014. I helped to create the brand ambassador program that informed our content offerings and gave the girls a platform for providing feedback. I also wrote a weekly column, "Amanda's Corner," where I interviewed teen entrepreneurs and gave advice on topics like college admissions and social media.

I also have served as a contributing writer for ShimmerTeen, a trusted resource for teen girls on health and wellness. 

Liberal arts college

I copy edited the Winter 2015 and Winter 2016 issues of F&M Scientist, a journal devoted to the publication of scholarly accounts of alumni research and reviews of research areas by Franklin & Marshall College alumni.

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