Exploratory Research

If you are interested in better understanding the needs, goals, motivations, and behaviors of your users in order to design a new product or feature that meets those needs, I can utilize various research methods, including but not limited to: interviewing, participatory design, contextual inquiry, card sorting. Depending on the business and project goals, I could also use a mix of the above. 

Evaluative Research

Whether it is a prototype or live version, I will put your product or service (e.g., a website) in front of users and have them walk through specific scenarios and tasks that I have created to understand if your product fits users needs and is easy to use. 

Content Design 

I can design content for your app, web site, blog, e-mail newsletter, and/or social media channels. Every content design project starts with research: I survey the land by interviewing your target audience to lay the foundation for clear, accessible content. Then, I start writing.

UX research Strategy

If you are interested in building and scaling research efforts at your organization, I can work with you to develop a strategy for making it happen. 

UX Research Team Support 

Are you a UX Research team or solo practitioner at an organization that needs an extra set of eyes, ears, and fast typing hands for a project? I can jump right in to support research sessions by taking notes and debriefing with you afterward, lend a hand with recruiting, or provide a fresh, outside perspective for a thorny research challenge.

I saw Amanda transition from a being a content / copy writer at Addapp to a budding user researcher and a wonderful interviewer at Therachat. She always had a positive attitude with all the people she interviewed. She was able to draw out key insights which helped the company identify the problem to focus on.
— Chhavi Arya, Product Manager and Designer at Addapp
I had the chance to work with Amanda while she lead projects ranging from strategic ethnographic studies to meticulous usability sessions. Amanda has a voracious appetite for exploring new research methods while also honing her core research skills. She’s one of the most naturally empathetic people I’ve met and is always willing to speak up and champion users when she knows it’s in the best interest of the product.
— Sajid Reshamwala, Director of Design at Addapp